dušan antalík

Dusan's Short Story

Dusan was born on 19.2.1958 in Martin to a teacher´s family.

One of the impulses for his career of a musician was his grandfather, who was a violinist, clarinettist and orchestra bandmaster.

After the basic music school and during his college years, he found his own rock band where he played guitar, sang, composed and arranged his first-fruit. 

The world scene was mainly influenced by the so called “ jazz-rock” wave, in the second half of the 70´s. Bands and performers as John McLaughlin Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea, Waterreport Joa Zawinula, made a considerable influence on Dusan. During this time he spent hours in a studio improvising with different musicians. 

In 1980 he founded the band TEAM, which in the beginning played their own compositions influenced by the mentioned “fussion” wave.

Team´s music was very influenced by the forceful time of Slovak music, represented by bands as Collegium Musicum and Fermáta also a czech Blue Effect. The band YES greatly influenced Dušan as well as guitarist Steve Howe who is one of Dusan´s idols. He also loved blues of Alvin Lee and his Ten Years After.

After the university studies, Dusan is devoting himself only to music.                                                                    

In 1986 Team is a professional band, Dusan and Team give concerts and play on different festivals. They appear with first songs in television ( Team won the Triangle tv programme with the song “ Beh “- Run )

In 1988, after the arrival of Palo Habera in the Team, a new debut album is released, achieving an extraordinary success (250 thousand pcs albums sold). This album opens them the door to the biggest concert halls in Czech and Slovak republic. In 1990 a new single, with the song “Song for the shy” – Change, is introduced in England.

In 1996 Dusan recorded first solo album called “911”. The album closes one period of a musical life of Dusan.

Apart from Team, Dusan devotes himself to the production of rock bands.

Dusan regularly returns to fusion music through the club gigs with their projects (Aeroc Theraphy, Stage Meridian)

In 2017 it is coming out of his second solo album called “Fiction”.

Team, after the year 2000 have their concerts regularly in the framework of their tours in Czech and Slovak republics. Their tours always elong to the biggest and most visited events ( see Live Foto ).